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We recognize the consumer as ourselves

Motivational Styles is about understanding our differences as well as our similarities. And being able to distinguish between the two. We believe that’s the secret to creating communications that sparkle with life and energy.

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For many decades, cognitive psychologists and researchers in human behavior have set forth convincing theories of how non-rational factors are part of our daily choices.  Recognizing the need to understand this profoundly influential layer of human behavior as it pertains to consumer choice, Minds+Motives developed a comprehensive approach to explore and validate a methodology that would allow marketers to easily understand and utilize this information through a simple data-scoring process. The result is Motivational Styles.







Developed and tested throughout the U.S a proprietary 75-plus question psychological survey designed to identify Motivational Styles.

Continued testing and validation at the personal and inter-personal level; i.e. relationships, family settings, group dynamics, as well as through hands-on training.

Moved beyond individual assessments to testing and evaluating secondary variables (personal and household demographics, transactional behavior) that correlate to Motivational Styles.

Successfully built models based on geographic-level variables (Zip+4) demonstrating clear separation of the factors that define Motivational Styles.

Further refined models at the individual-level with data provided by Acxiom.

Latest product update: February 01, 2017

Acxiom and LiveRamp, two of our leading partners for data, identity resolution and onboarding, have made scoring and accessing Motivational Data easy and seamless. While our models are used to score customer files, Minds+Motives does not access PII (Personally Identifiable Information). That information resides exclusively with the client and with Acxiom, a leader in data security and protecting the privacy of individuals. If you are an Acxiom client and interested in Minds+Motives, feel free to contact your Acxiom Account Manager for more information.

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