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Here’s why Motivational Style Data can instantly transform your Facebook
ad campaigns

The ability to connect with customers at more meaningful levels based on psychological truths.


A quick and easy way to build your audience that goes beyond traditional demographics.


The intelligence you need to tailor your words and images so they resonate with your audience.

Motivational Style Data lights up how people are on
the inside — so you can present your products and services
in ways they are more likely to respond to

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Harmony | Authenticity | Connection | Community


Seeks a sense of goodwill and harmony.



Competence | Precision | Objectivity


Appreciates innovation and system-wide thinking.



Independence | Sensory-Experience | Action



Driven by in-the-moment thinking and the nature of
the experience.



Security | Facts | Utility | Correctness



Plays by life’s rules, shops with a list, time conscious,
prudent financially.


The Four Motivational Styles

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Access Motivational Style Data

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Minds+Motives Motivational Style Data may be accessed for free, and there is never a commitment or obligation. When you leverage the data the cost is automatically figured into your bid price. Using Minds+Motives Data to create more relevant ads can save advertisers as much as 50% or more off their Cost Per Result.


How to
the Data

How to Locate
the Data

To request Minds+Motives Motivational Style Data, click the link below and complete the Acxiom Data Guru Request Form. On the form, select Digital Audience Request. Where it asks you to “Please Describe the Audiences” type Minds+Motives Motivational Style Data. In the Publishers or Platforms section, be sure to select Facebook. In the next box type your Facebook Account ID. After you submit the form, the data will be pushed to your Facebook account in 3-5 days.

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Once the data has loaded to your Facebook account, log into Ad Manager, select Audiences, and Create a Saved Audience. After choosing other targeting criteria, scroll down to the Detailed Targeting section. Click Narrow Audience then click Browse to open the drop-down menus to display Minds+Motives Motivational Style Data.


Here’s the path:

• Browse > More Categories > Partner Categories By Request > Acxiom


You can now select among the four Motivational Styles: Advocate, Discerner, Shaper

and Sustainer.

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  • How to Use Motivational Styles Data: A Primer


    Anyone who owns a computer knows digital devices are not universally compatible. What you may not have stopped to consider is that it’s no different in the human world!


    Some individuals are just more compatible with others and resonate more with certain messages. By looking deeper into why people have certain preferences above others, Minds +Motives brings greater clarity to what advertisers know about their audience, and, just as importantly, reveals new avenues for more successful ads and posts.


    The best way to start thinking about Motivational Style Data is to realize it’s everywhere you go.


    The teacher at the preschool who is always warm and encouraging — she’s most likely an Advocate. That adventurous friend who enjoys fashioning custom jewelry

    — she’s a Shaper. That guy or gal who doesn’t enjoy small talk and who’s favorite podcast is “The Partially Examined Life” — you can bet they’re Discerners. Your most dependable friend, the one you trust to always be on time, who knows how to save for a rainy day, and gives you rock-solid advice — she’s a Sustainer.


    Once you get a feel for Motivational Styles the next step is to consider the tone and content of your advertising. While there are some basic principles available here, you’ll want to experiment, testing various messages to see which works best to the Motivational Styles you have elected to target.


    With a little practice you are bound to see your Facebook Relevance Scores rise — and perhaps see yourself in an entirely different light. At that point experience will make you a believer and your best guide to creating the most effective messages.