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The Power of Four

Advocate  |  Discerner  |  Shaper  |  Sustainer

There are four cardinal points on the compass: North, South, East, West. Together, they form a complete picture, a wholeness that allows anyone to navigate anywhere on the planet. The compass is not a map. But, you need one to precisely orient a map. When you know how to use both, compass and map, you will never get lost.


Okay, you may be thinking.
“That’s great for hikers. What about marketers?”


Understanding the way people perceive the world and make decisions —  which is what Motivational Styles is all about — establishes four quadrants that, like a compass, will help your company orient its marketing map. It points you to the customers who should be part of your world and, what is more, how to speak to them. While everyone is unique, everyone has a place within, or close to, the psychological ‘borders’ which Minds+Motives defines as Advocate, Discerner, Shaper and Sustainer.


Marketers today have a plethora of segments available to them. But, it’s important to understand what makes Minds+Motives different. It allows you to understand the psychological make-up of your audience at the individual level. No other segmentation system can reveal the personalities in your customer data, or is designed to allow you to communicate with greater effectiveness.


Each Motivational Style evinces tell-tale characteristics that are particular to that segment. And each potentially represents important revenue streams that should not be ignored, whatever the actual distribution for a given company proves to be.


A unique advantage of Motivational Styles is that it can act as a stand-alone segmentation tool, or enhance any targeted segmentation scheme — such as New Movers or First-Home Buyers.


The value here cannot be emphasized enough. Why? Because traditional segmentation schemes are rarely as monolithic as they may appear — meaning, from a psychological perspective, they do not represent one type of consumer that can be effectively addressed in one way. Appending Motivational Styles further defines your audience at more discrete levels, bringing clarity to the make-up of your audience that otherwise would not be possible. That’s “The Power of Four.”

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There is an unmistakable structure to how we see the world. When that structure is revealed it becomes a powerful framework for designing communications.

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